The iconostasis of the Church of Laying of Our Lady's Holy Robe is one of few iconostases created after the Time of Troubles. It was ordered by Patriarch Filaret, father of Michael Fyodorovich Romanov, the first Tsar of the new Romanov Dynasty. The patriarchal order was executed by eminent icon-painter Nazary Istomin Savin, a member of the family of Rissian icon-makers.

In 1627, together with icon-makers of his team, he painted icons for the three upper tiers: the Deisis, the Festive and the Prophets' tier. In the lower, Local tier, the Old Testamental Trinity icon was painted by Nazary Istomin Savin. He might have created the icon of Our Lady Hodegetria, now hidden under the later layer.

Iconostasis of the Church of the Deposition of the RobeThe Old Testament TrinityMother of God with the child Jesus