The Deisis tier is the semantic centre of the iconostasis, which is marked by the dimension of its icons. These icons illustrate the saints praying before the Pantocrator for all the Christians. The icon of the Almighty presents Christ in a blaze of glory, as the Lord of Heaven and Earth, surrounded by Heavenly powers. To the left and to the right from Christ the Almighty there are icons of the Mother of God and St John the Baptist interceding, the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, the Apostles Peter and Paul—the church fathers, SS Basil the Great (Basil of Caesarea) and John Chrysostom—the creators of the Divine Liturgy, and the Moscow Metropolitans—SS Peter and Jonah.

Nazary Istomin succeeded Andrey Rublev's spiritual traditions in Russian icon painting.

Metropolitan PeterSt Basil the Great (Basil of Caesarea)Peter the ApostleThe Archangel MichaelThe VirginChrist Almighty

St John the Baptist (Precursor)The Archangel GabrielPaul the Apostle St John ChrysostomMetropolitan Jonah